1. Brian.
    As soon as Kosovo gets real independence -- meaning independence from EULEX, KFOR, and UNMIK -- the Albanians in Pristina will try to join-up with the Albanians in Tirana, and the Serbs will try to re-join mother Serbia.

    It is quite natural for Kosova to join with Albania but when you say the serbs I don't know what do you mean, the serbs of Mitrovica ?.THe New State Kosova is albanian and serbs know this and it belongs to Albania and the union is going to happen but not for now.It's going to happen naturally, because we're not gonna fight for it, there's no need.The world will understand that a People makes no sense living in two states,close to each other and the new state is going to include the parts where K-serbs are unfairly majority right now.We can not let neighbourhoods join other countries.
    (Shqiptari, 3 April 2008 08:20)
  2. He does. Serbia doesn't.

    Kosovo will not be a secure independent state until Serbia says so.
    (Bob, 2 April 2008 15:54)
  3. Kosovo will never be a "real state", not in a million years.

    The people who live in Kosovo are Albanians and Serbs. There is no such thing as a Kosovo ethnicity or a Kosovo culture. The cultures that exist in Kosovo are Serb and Albanian culture.

    Kosovo can be four things, but a "real state" isn't one of them: Kosovo can be a ward of foreign occupying powers like it is now, it can be part of Serbia, it can be part of Albania, or it can be partitioned and divided between Serbia and Albania.

    The Albanians have no interest in maintaining Kosovo as an independent country. Why should the Albanians want an international border between the Albanians in Kosovo and the Albanians in Albania? The idea is stupid on its face, why have two Albanian states when you can have one united Albania?

    Likewise, why should the Serbs want a border between the Serbs in Serbia-proper and the Serbs in Kosovo? The Serbs are already making it abundantly clear that they want no part of an independent country of Kosovo.

    Kosovo can not exist as a state because it is contrary to the interest of its citizens. The Serbs want to keep Kosovo in Serbia and the Albanians want to make it part of Albania (even if they won't admit it publicly unification is the only option that makes any sense for the Albanians).

    As soon as Kosovo gets real independence -- meaning independence from EULEX, KFOR, and UNMIK -- the Albanians in Pristina will try to join-up with the Albanians in Tirana, and the Serbs will try to re-join mother Serbia.

    Kosovo will exist as an "independent country" as long as NATO is there to occupy it and apply the military force needed to keep it together. As soon as the NATO military force is gone, the country of Kosovo will be wiped off the map. It will be gobbled-up by Serbia, Albania, or by some combination of those two states. Kosovo will never stand on its own as a real independent country.
    (Brian, 2 April 2008 02:46)
  4. Unbiased (# 27),

    The earth cannot be round and flat at the same time.

    Over the past nine years, the K-Albanians have been chasing minorities (not only Serbs, but also Roma, Croats, Bosniaks, Montenegrins) from Kosovo. Remaining minorities are now living in enclaves guarded by NATO soldiers. And you are saying that Serbia should be punished? Better get another nickname, mate!
    (Marco, Amsterdam, 1 April 2008 21:29)
  5. Bush thought he could by pass international law and then bully everyone to recognise the kosovo Albanians and then try and sat it was legal, He is now backtracking and will drop the Albanians like a hot potato if his position starts to look vulnerable. He says he's supported the Albanians since the start- that's the problem- they never negotiated in good faith.
    (Diana, 1 April 2008 20:47)
  6. I think that both sides of this conflict are idiots. To Albanians, how do you expect to have a Kosovo of your own, when it was "stolen" from another country? To the Serbs, do you really believe that the free world will let you practice ethnic cleansing and then force those victims (such as the Albanians) to be part of your "new" Serbia? This is why there is no such thing as black and white on this issue, all you trying to make it seem like that either lack intelligence or are blinded by your nationalistic aspiration. Whatever the case might be and the future might hold for Kosovo, if I had to pick between the two scenarios, as an American, I agree with Bush on his stance (there is a first for everything!), Serbia deserves to be punished, although I don't see why we should reward the Albanians so much, wish we didn't!!!
    (Unbiased, 1 April 2008 17:42)
  7. Odd that individuals consider the US unruly or unfair, despite American efforts to bring good common laws and fair opportunities to all nations including the US. Even the people of the US fight for the rights of disageeable peoples to defame Americans and policies like Bush's. You should listen closely, not just to a country's primary leader, but also those that disagree with him. Kosovo is a quagmire that time will actually heal. Why proceed to argue, but instead improve the lives in all your countries, which is never accomplished by fighting. Even India struggles to be free and Chinese suffer against a government that does not care. Will it help to overthrow those? No, the internal fight within is the key, and winning comes when life is improved and beauty is created out of chaos,which is the aim and goal of all revolts when anger wins. Resolution only comes from agreements and discussions, and sometimes arguements, when constructive goals are achieved. Gregor US
    (Gregor Smith, 1 April 2008 06:04)
  8. Yes I think the "Kosovars" will need to do a fair bit in the next 15-20 years. I think the Albanians should show their real gratitude and go to Iraq and Afghanistan (Iran later) and help Bush fight the 'war on terror'. I mean waving and painting the Stars and Stripes all over Kosovo is one thing but you really need to show some commitment.
    (Milan, 1 April 2008 02:53)
  9. I have read a lots of comments here and all i hear kosovo is serbija it will always be serbija well kosova is independent and will never go under a serbian rule ever again and for people who think serbs will get it back may be u are right but also 90% of albanians will never let u rule them and u will never be in peace on that land the albanian land
    (nick, 1 April 2008 01:51)
  10. However, people in countries such as - Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq ,North Korea,
    China,Iran, Syria etc etc have already decided.
    (venucor, 31 March 2008 20:17)

    To albanians posters:have a look what do you think?
    (Naser Buzhala,uk, 31 March 2008 22:16)
  11. Bush: Kosovo real state one day

    Did Bushy have in mind 1st of April, the Fool's Day when he made this remark?
    (VB, 31 March 2008 21:53)
  12. Mr Bush

    Kosovo has as much chance of becoming a "real state" as you have of becoming a "real president" in the few months remaining to you. Good riddance, you have brought nothing but pain and suffering to this world.
    (Tom O'Donoghue, 31 March 2008 21:53)
  13. Right. One day, when you grow up, I might let you have a toy-car. Until then you will sitt nicely on your high-chair, be fed by somebody else and pretend that you're driving a real car. You might aswell blow the little bubbles.
    (Logic, 31 March 2008 21:50)
  14. while many people like to make jokes at w's expense i will just point to a couple of facts here. first this is the second time in a very short period that w is talking about kosovo, which he was not in the habit of doing ever, basically, except that one time when his watch got nicked. couple of days ago he said 'i hope serbia will help kosovo secede'. it sounds funny but thats precisely how it is and what he hopes. thats why they all want to see sutanovac et al win in elections. to help kosovo secede, and solve this mess that u.s. and eu got themselves to when they engineered this newborn abomination. because the project has ran into serious trouble. i will mention un, i will mention eulex. i will mention north, i will mention drenica boys. we are looking at a huge heap of confusion, pressure, blackmail, uncertainty, not to mention in pristina they keep seeing mup everywhere. one obvious way out of this is for belgrade to cave in. hence this assault on us from all sides to make ds win. hence, we must not let them.
    (smile, 31 March 2008 21:47)
  15. … Russia has risen, the rise has brought with it terrible suffering and pain for other nations and peoples, … "

    There are always two sides to a coin!
    What is pain for some, is pleasure for others...
    What is suffering for few, is hope for the rest...

    People of the world just have to choose and decide...
    Which represents what more?

    However, people in countries such as - Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq ,North Korea, China,Iran, Syria etc etc have already decided.
    (venucor, 31 March 2008 20:17)
  16. The momentum of recognition of illegal declaration of inDependence has stalled (well it never really started), that much is obvious. US took a great gamble and lost. Now we know how many countries in the world really stand behind US and how many do not. Just imagine the world as one and figure out a popular vote for and against recognition of Great Albanian Robbery...even if most Americans are for it, which they are not (everything in US is split 50:50 these days) the popular vote is clear..Russia, India, China... Democracy at it's best.
    Albanians can celebrate being occupied as much as they want but they are still citizens of Serbia and will always be as long as they call KosovO home.
    (DJKrstic, 31 March 2008 19:48)
  17. Oh yes I forgot to say something:

    Is it just me and this little voice inside of me or I can bet that you won't read this article in Koha Ditore and you wont hear Tachi quoting Bush on this one?
    (Ana, 31 March 2008 19:45)
  18. If Kosovo "will" be independent one day, that means it definitely is NOT independent today. It is therefore neither logical nor legal to recognize the "independence" of a "state" that is not independent. This gaping whole in this entire recognition charade is so big that even Bush can't deny it. It makes the story of the emperor's new clothes pale by comparison. (Take this opportunity to look around and remember the identities of all the sycophants posing as heads of state and government who are groveling at the feet of America and Germany for a payoff in money and influence.

    The best result of all of this is that the ruling political class of the Euro-Atlantic regimes will be swept aside by their own corruption and greed.

    What we have here is an attempted theft of territory and sovereignty not seen since Hitler's seizure of Sudetenland. Those who stand on the side of the thieves in this crime are the same as in Munich: Britain, France, Germany and Italy... plus the U.S. and it's de facto colonies. New Churchills will surely rise up against this globalizing criminal caste.

    The power of what is right and just is infinitely greater than all the money and weapons in the Euro-Atlantic empire. And their empire will fall just as hard as Hitler's, the Kaiser's, the Sultan's and all those who build their houses on the quicksand of lies, theft, bribery, coercion, deception and threats of violence.

    This criminal act will allow Serbia to clear its name, help Russia to resume its rightful place among the leading nations of the world and bind together in freedom the peoples of the free (non-colonized) 3rd world with those of the newly dynamic societies of steadily developing India and China. Exercising their collective will against the Western oligarchy will even assist the Chinese in their evolution toward a fully participatory democracy.

    We are watching history being written once again by the brave, free and unbowed Serbian hero nation. I thank God for the privilege of being a witness to it and having the opportunity to contribute my own efforts to this just cause.


    John Bosnitch
    (John Bosnitch, 31 March 2008 18:58)
  19. " … Russia has risen, the rise has brought with it terrible suffering and pain for other nations and peoples, … "

    No Nick, on the contrary. Rise of Russia brought to Orthodox nations of the Balkans freedom from the Turkish slavery. If it wasn't for western powers treachery, Russian army would expel Turkey from European continent and brought Constantinopolis back to Orthodox world where it belongs.

    As for the suffering of the Russian nation, countless foreign invasions brought them worst misery. In our time, 90's,were the worst, when "friendly western consultants" brought Russia to the edge of destruction. But luckily, Russia is awaken, getting stronger every day and protects forcefully its interests. Western tricks are understood, no easy ride for them any more.


    "… neither could Serbia nor could Russia do anything to stop the process.
    And boy, did you/they try… "

    As you know very well, this isn't the end of the story, it will continue, no meter what. Neither you nor we will ever quit. Next generations of Albanians and Serb will keep fighting over the territory as the previous ones did.
    (Stevan, 31 March 2008 18:38)
  20. I didnt read he said it was to become or is a autonomus region of Serbia, did anyone?

    Btw he got the question about 10 - 20 years, he didnt said it by himself, nice try twisting his words.

    I thought you ppl didnt took his words serious whats this? lmao
    (Pejoni, 31 March 2008 18:07)
  21. Actually:
    Kosovo is in a process of supervised independence and formally recognized by 36 independent countries.

    Kosovo will never be any more under juridiction of Serbia.

    Kosovo will be member of UN, EU and NATO.

    Good luck Kosovo on your own way, be proud for achieved stage and don't allow to be provocated... There is no way back...
    (Dane, 31 March 2008 17:50)
  22. Bmrusila,

    Saying that somebody is giving a case a twisted satirical angle and saying that it is twisting the facts are two completely different things.
    Next time please read the comment before you decide to respond to it.
    You see Bmrusila, twisting the facts is the exact thing you did to my comment.

    Now, to the rest of it.
    Bmrusila, if you don’t care if what your neighbor’s are trying to tell you, then good luck to you.
    You will need a lot of it.
    I somehow doubt that it will be you laughing at the end Bmrusila.
    (blero, 31 March 2008 17:45)
  23. Dragan,

    Every single time Russia has risen, the rise has brought with it terrible suffering and pain for other nations and peoples, includind the Russians themselves.
    (Nick KS, 31 March 2008 16:59)
  24. Blero,

    Everyone who does not agree with you Albanians or simply recognises the real true behind Bush’s words, you are calling him/her as someone who twist the facts, radical etc. Well Ana understood it perfectly well as everyone with a brain.

    Our neighbours will recognise Kosovo and that is not of our concern, on the contrary. Their recognition tell us nothing, since many of them use Kosovo to make positive deals for their own backyard, which is logical. They flirt with the West, West make a bit of pressure and bit of bribe and there you have it. Just spare us of claims like “They did it because they hate you and feel love and respect for us”. I don’t know how much you are aware of what neighbours really think of you Albanians? I am pretty aware!

    As for laughing, well let’s see who will really laugh the last. I believe it will be us Serbs.


    Don’t pay much attention on these accusations. Everyone who thinks differently is radical by the Albanian logic.


    Tell me you are joking? Hahahaha!!
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 16:43)
  25. Bush mentions, 'supervised independence', 'controlled independence'...these are oxymorons.
    Does all this seem eerie to anyone, or is it just me? I think of George Orwell and 1984, with terms like, 'War is Peace', 'Freedom is Slavery', and 'Ignorance is Strength', and then I see the drivel that comes out of Bushie's mouth and it all seems kind of scary.
    What the US has become is quite scary, and thank God for the rise of Russia and other world powers to balance this out.
    (Dragan, 31 March 2008 16:27)
  26. Even he admits that his little land theft of a "state" in Serbia is Serbian.

    So much for greater Albania. I wonder what these loosers will do once their masters turn their back on them for more urgent matters at hand (keeping the worth less dollar afloat and their occupations).

    After the election i suggest Mr.Kustunica and Nikolic turn theri eyes at latin america and the other free world outside the €U.
    (fas, 31 March 2008 16:13)
  27. to ben: Free since 1999. Proud: Forever!

    to ana: And how is Serbia any more independent than Kosovo?
    (besim, 31 March 2008 16:01)
  28. I must say that this article made me smile.


    One day, own feet-in maybe 10-20 years, real state?, supervised Independence, Kosovo=Iraq=Afghanistan.

    How come Mr Bush? I thought Kosovo is nearly ready to join the EU and NATO, at least that is what Thaci have said yesterday in Brdo pri Kranju.

    In addition: Kiev is not able to make decision on its own in regard to Kosovo thus must consult Washington, Brussels and Moscow. In other words, who pressure more the decision will be made accordingly.
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 15:58)
  29. Ana,

    You can try as much as you want to give it your twisted satirical angle to Kosovo.
    This is not the first comment of yours where you try to do this.
    The fact remains, neither could Serbia nor could Russia do anything to stop the process.
    And boy, did you/they try.
    Ana, any independence passes through necessary processes.
    So will Kosovo.
    Again, if it amuses you please feel free to laugh.
    Remember though that we will be laughing the last, and I hope you know that he who laughs the last laughs the best.
    At the present this 43 Day old state has more friends in Europe than Serbia (with many years of statehood), and numbers are just going in our favor with every passing day.
    Ana tell me how many ambassadors does Serbia have in Europe at the present?
    Ana, all your neighbors (apart from potentially B&H and Romania) have and will recognize Kosovo soon.
    Does this tell you anything?
    (Blero, 31 March 2008 15:54)
  30. Wow-did Bush say "one day".
    With this we can only hope that his "democracy" stick starts with getting thaci behind bars.
    After all they are good in dealing with friends who don`t see their way.
    (lids, 31 March 2008 15:43)
  31. Did all the Albanians read very carefuly this artilce?

    What an independence!!! WOW!!!

    I'm impressed! It does seem that Kosovo indeed is a "unique" case!
    (Ana, 31 March 2008 15:18)
  32. "Bush: Kosovo real state one day"

    But proud, and FREE since Feb. 17 2008.
    (ben, 31 March 2008 15:17)