Toddler and baby drown in river

Two children are believed to have drowned on Wednesday in a village near the town of Aleksinac in southeastern Serbia, the police have said.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

The accident happened in the village of Bankovac. The police and firefighters are searching for the bodies of the victims who perished in the Turija River, a spokeswoman for the police in Niš said.

B92 learned that the police received a report that the mother of the children took them for a walk along the river, and that one of the victims, a three-year-old girl, fell into the high water.

According to this, the mother then tried to rescue the child while carrying the other, a one-year-old baby, in her arms, but slipped and dropped the baby.

Both children then disappeared in the river. A passer-by managed to rescue the woman.

Aleksinac is one of the municipalities where a state of emergency was declared two days ago due to the flooding.


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