SNS officials meet with Gay-Straight Alliance

BELGRADE -- Officials of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) met with representatives of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

They agreed that violence and discrimination against citizens based on such differences is unacceptable.

According to the statement of the GSA, deputy leader Aleksandar Vučić and new party member Vladimir Cvijan represented SNS at the meeting.

The circumstances of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) individuals in Serbia were discussed at the meeting, as well as the steps that the state and society must take to stop the violence and discrimination.

It was added that SNS officials said that the state institutions must respect the constitution and laws, and stop all kinds of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and an other type of prejudice.

It was also stated that SNS would consider participation in future GLBT activities and parades by the population as a personal decision of every citizen, and would not call on people to participate, but said that the party would condemn all violence and calls to violence again any minority group.

GSA thanked SNS at the meeting, which it said was “very significant, since SNS is considered the largest conservative party in Serbia.”

GSA added that SNS “showed openness and a readiness for dialogue and an understanding for the level of violence that the GLBT population in Serbia is exposed to every day."