Diaspora Ministry to launch “brain gain” project

BELGRADE -- The diaspora minister says that 48 percent of Serbian experts living abroad plan to return.

Srđan Srećković told a press conference following the signing of a Cooperation Protocol with the Infostud company on an expert return project, that the majority of those wanting to return to Serbia were young mathematics or IT experts.

"Serbia needs between 10 to 12,000 young and capable people of various profiles, who are familiar with the European way of doing business, in order to facilitate the transition process and accelerate the country’s accession to the European Union,” Srećković said.

He reiterated that approximately 500,000 people had left Serbia since the early 1990s to the present day, including 100,000 experts with degrees.

The minister emphasized that the return of young experts and the prevention of a further ‘brain drain’ would be the Diaspora Ministry’s most pressing task in the coming period.

The ministry and Infostud today signed a Cooperation Protocol that should enable the creation of reliable links between Serbian companies and experts living abroad who want to return to their homeland.

According to Srećković, the ministry chose Infostud as its partner in this project, since it was the most successful company in Serbia in the business of internet recruitment.

CEO Branislava Gajić said that approximately 35,000 people had found jobs with the help of Infostud, and that the company’s website received around 900,000 hits per month.