Discrimination charges filed against McDonald's

BELGRADE -- Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Nevena Petrušić has announced that she filed charges against a McDonald's restaurant in the town of Novi Sad.

The restaurant's security last month prevented a woman from bringing in Roma (Gypsy) children in with her.

The woman, named as Maja Rogić, told reporters that she had picked up three Roma children at a nearby square in order to take them to the restaurant and buy them a meal.

Rogić told Beta news agency last month that she "approached the children who were playing at the Freedom Square and asked them if they were hungry, to which they responded affirmatively."

According to her, the security of the restaurant prevented the children from stepping inside.

On Tuesday, Petrušić said that the lawsuit was filed because this was appraised as a "strategically important case".

"There must not be any discrimination while providing services," she noted.

The lawsuit was filed against Nicefoods Restorani (Restaurants), owners of the McDonalds franchise in Serbia.

The company reacted at the time of the incident by announcing that they would investigate the case "and punish the security most severely".