Brussels may request “something we cannot fulfill”

BELGRADE -- Serbia’s First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday he hoped that it was possible to reach a compromise and a deal in the talks with Priština.

Aleksandar Vučić (Tanjug, file)
Aleksandar Vučić (Tanjug, file)

However, he warned that the EU could request something Serbia could not fulfill.

“I would define it like this – I hope that a compromise is possible but I am afraid that they will ask something from us that is impossible,” the deputy PM told Belgrade-based Pink TV.

Commenting on a date for the start of the EU accession talks, he said that one should take a good look at Serbia first and “see how poor we are and how big economic problems we have”, stressing that 50 percent of the trade was with EU member states.

“Europe is our key partner,” Vučić said and added that economic reasons very the most important and that there would be more investors in Serbia if the country had a date for the beginning of the EU accession negotiations.

“We need to understand that we need to change ourselves and that a key goal needs to be modernization. We are not hiding anything and if we do not get a date, we will say we did not get it,” he said and pointed out that the EU had noted that Serbia had done a lot of work and made progress, “not only regarding the issue of Kosovo but also regarding standards and the rule of law”.

Commenting on possible early elections, Vučić said that the state was more important than political games and that his decisions would be made in accordance with the state interests.

“I do not think that the elections would be a good idea and that citizens want them,” he said.

The first deputy PM announced that combat against crime and corruption would continue in the following period.

According to him, those who “want to bring back the old corrupted system” are against the fight.

He said that some cases of 24 controversial privatizations were already solved and that court proceedings would soon begin.

Commenting on claims of his Chief of Staff Aleksa Jokić that his life was in danger, Vučić said that he saw it as a “concern of a friend“ and that he did not want to “whine and complain” and wondered how citizens would feel if he said that he did not feel safe.