Latest arrests “leave bad taste in mouth”

BELGRADE -- Two things leave a bad taste in the mouth when it comes to Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković’s arrest, Aleksandra Jerkov has stated.

Aleksandra Jerkov
Aleksandra Jerkov

The League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) said that those two things were the fact that the arrests had been announced in the media and that the arrested people were political opponents of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

“Combat against corruption is an important issue, just like the issue of human rights, and it seems to me that the government has support of all factors in the society,” she told B92.

“However, when it comes to the arrest of Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković and another nine persons, including his son, there is a bad impression because those arrests were announced in the media. This means that the combat is not systemic,” Jerkov said and noted that arrests had been made only in order to improve ratings of parties or individuals during Vojislav Koštunica's government.

“We will now see if the latest arrests will have their epilogue in court. But I am surprised that all those who have been arrested so far are actually those who are political opponents of the SNS. I want to see if there will be arrests of those who are close to them. It’s not possible that only the Democratic Party (DS), as they say know, robbed Serbia. There were other parties in that government,” the LSV official stressed.

As an example, she mentioned Maja Gojković who recently joined the SNS. She claims that Gojković is involved in one of the top five affairs in Serbia, according to the EU.

“I’m really interested to see what will happen with that. This is (Deputy PM Aleksandar) Vučić’s opportunity to show that combat against corruption is not politically motivated,” she added.

According to Jerkov, a form of corruption is also “recruitment” of MPs in Vojvodina to team up and topple the Democrats.