EULEX allowed freedom of movement in north

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- After a several-month-long “ban” EULEX again has freedom of movement in northern Kosovo thanks to an agreement reached on January 24.

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

Northern Kosovo Serb leaders and international community representatives have agreed to allow EULEX to move freely in the north.

EULEX members are allowed to use roads leading to the Brnjak and Jarinje administrative crossings on conditions that they “do not transport Albanian customs officers”.

Kosovska Mitrovica District Head Radenko Nedeljković attended the meeting where it was decided that EULEX can again use roads in the municipalities of Zubin Potok, Zvečan and Leposavić.

“We have received confirmation that they will not transport Albanian customs officers to the Jarinje and Brnjak and we believe an officer’s word,” Zvečan Deputy Mayor Dragiša Milović explained.

He repeated that the barricades would remain as long as “Albanian customs officers are at the Brnjak and Jarinje administrative crossings”.