Interior minister: Incidents possible at gay parade

BELGRADE -- The security assessments show that serious incidents are likely to take place at the Pride Parade in Belgrade, Ivica Dačić stated on Friday.

Ivica Dačić (FoNet, file)
Ivica Dačić (FoNet, file)

The interior minister recalled that Pride Parade needs to have a political consent of all authorities, and that the Interior Ministry can only give a security assessment rather than make a final decision on whether the event should be organized.

“Police can and would like to secure possible Pride Parade,” Dačić said.

“In view of security, this event may be accompanied by serious incidents,” he added.

In reaction to the statement by Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas that police is the one to decide whether Pride Parade should be held or not for security reasons, Dačić said that police can only give a security assessment.

Talk of crime in north "excuse for anti-Serb violence"

Ivica Dačić also addressed the crisis in Kosovo to say that the Kosovo Albanian government in Priština used rumors about crime in northern Kosovo and Metohija as an excuse to commit violence against Serbs.

"Crime is present in northern Kosovo just like in other regions and it constitutes a local jeopardy," Dačić said and pointed out that crime is much more present in Priština and constitutes a global danger.

Noting that illegal human organ, drug, money and human trafficking activities are present in Priština, Dačić called on EULEX for better cooperation in the fight against crime.