Police in southwest thwart "contract killing"

NOVI PAZAR -- The police in the southwestern town of Novi Pazar have several persons under arrest on suspicion that they planned and attempted to organize a murder.

The murder was to take place in the nearby town of Sjenica, the Beta news agency is reporting.

The arrests were made early on Monday.

"Four men from different towns in Serbia have been placed under arrest. They were supposed to carry out a contract killing," a source, described as "reliable", told the news agency.

According to this, the Novi Pazar police managed to detain both the paid killers and the person who hired them.

A Sjenica resident, identified as 24-year-old Ismet G., was arrested on suspicion that he contracted the killer, who has been named as Agim J. (26).

Two more men - identified as Zlatko M. (26), and Nenad O. (21) have also been detained in connection to the case.