"New details in Kosovo organ trafficking case"

Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević has announced that new details in the Kosovo human organ trafficking case will be revealed "in a few days".

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  1. toma,
    i did, i did google your fairy tale and i did, i did find that of the top five returns, one was your comment, one was from an albanian news source that is of your opinion, and one was from an american news source refuting your opinion. clearly as we know american news outlets are riddled with truth and accuracy. the other two in the top 5 were general articles about kosovo, and nothing specific that alludes to your mythology.
    (amot, 21 November 2012 16:52)

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  2. "Vukčević added that he found it "legally incomprehensible and unacceptable that, with equal ascertained facts, the first degree chamber should hand down long sentences, while the second degree chamber reaches a diametrically opposed, scandalous decision.""

    Not sure how the justice system is organized in Serbia, but in most of the world, appellate courts are there precisely for overturning wrong verdicts of lower courts. Otherwise there would be no need for appellate courts :). Not sure what's incomprehensible in all of this ?!
    (icj1, 21 November 2012 05:26)

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  3. Yellow house .... Blah blah blah.... Thaqi .... Blah blah blah.... Goat herders performing multiple surgeries.... Blah blah blah.

    Not sure if that's a good case.

    Since Albanians still have a clan like mentality, if there was any truth to this a rival clan would definitely go out of their way to expose it.

    There were crimes committed before and after the war. Just google " Serb soldiers cut open pregnant Albanian lady and fill her with rocks".

    God bless you all
    (Toma, 21 November 2012 01:30)

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  4. It's true that they have a lot of these announcements, but recently they did have some aired accounts by an Albanian witness who was involved in it. So that was at least something, but it seems they have 5 announcements that they have new evidence for any actual 1/2 step of proof. Where are the remains of the victims for example?
    (ida, 20 November 2012 23:45)

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  5. another BS news headline, as long as it makes the serbs happy i guess lol
    (eric, 20 November 2012 21:41)

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  6. At the beginning of the second decade of 21st century organ trafficking is extremely inhumane and sick work. I sincerely hope that you will discover the perpetrators and their orders, that souls of the victims will find their peace, and that the perpetrators will be appropriately punished.
    (Raymond, 20 November 2012 12:20)

    Yes we hope so too.
    Until then too much noise for nothing.
    (miri, 20 November 2012 21:09)

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  7. Albanians here can continue living in denial. Fact is there are witnesses that are stepping up and as long as they are protected you goons can't get to them. The truth will be told and instead of hanging your head down like you should, you will continue to deny and believe your Albanian fairy tales to your grave.
    (Steve B., 20 November 2012 18:57)

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  8. If I would bring up here references of each time this clown has conveyed journalists about his "new evidences" on thins so-called case I would definitely exceed the B92 character limits twice.

    P.S. there was no “"restrained reaction" of the EULEX team” it was great laughter
    (ben, 20 November 2012 16:03)

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  9. "They have been encouraged and are ready to contribute to the whole truth about these events to come to light,"

    You mean you've paid some people to say what you want like you did last time? I hope the truth about your "witness" comes out this time too.
    (AC, 20 November 2012 13:47)

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  10. One can see the progress that Albanians achieved over a relatively short period of time.Gone are the days of drug dealing and pimping now being replaced by organ surgery.Amazing progress.Well done guys you rightly deserve the next Nobel in medicine.
    (gotsefromohrid, 20 November 2012 13:14)

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  11. At the beginning of the second decade of 21st century organ trafficking is extremely inhumane and sick work. I sincerely hope that you will discover the perpetrators and their orders, that souls of the victims will find their peace, and that the perpetrators will be appropriately punished.
    (Raymond, 20 November 2012 12:20)

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  12. This is like the fifth time where they have "new details" about the organ trafficking that would be released soon. Still waiting for evidence...
    (Kenny, 20 November 2012 11:57)

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  13. Weren't the organs mainly going to Italian hospitals? I remember an Italian investigator said something about there being a sudden rise in the number of organs available in Italy in 1999 and the prices for them went down.
    (ida, 20 November 2012 11:48)

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  14. Notice when outrage hits in Serbia over matters the govt cannot control then comes the announcement that "progress" has been made in the organ case?
    Of course the "restrained reaction" to the reaction to the release of the witness statements were expected. Eulex is taking the investigation seriously and this "witness" will definitely make it hard for anyone(nonSerb) to take the matter seriously now. If there are any indictments I am sure the taped interview will be used by the defense.
    (a New Day, 20 November 2012 11:29)

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  15. Vladimir Vukčević didn't win single case where victims were Serbs.
    (Milan, 20 November 2012 11:27)

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  16. Hahahahhahaha

    Really? Seriously?

    (Albanian, 20 November 2012 11:26)

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