Former Bosnian army chief to face trial

Rasim Delić, former Chief of the Bosnian Army Main Staff, returned to the Hague Tribunal’s detention unit.

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  1. The British and US were responsible for a lot of the recruitment of mujahedin in Bosnia, but somehow I don't think that they are going to end up in the Hague for rounding up Bin Laden's comrades and sending them to Bosnia to commit war crimes. The 'karma' viewpoint is: look a Iraq and Afghanistan to see the payback for this. Not Britain's or America's buddies any more, are they? Depends on who the mujahedin are killing at some give point in time, I suppose.
    (Stevo, 4 July 2007 15:26)

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  2. a token punishment of one or two years so that the myth can be perpetuated that the serbs were the aggressors.

    that's geopolitics for you.
    (PB, 4 July 2007 15:36)

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  3. ITis really Izetbegovic,silajdzic and Ganic who invited these Arabs into Bosnia and whilst Izet is now gone the other two should be in the hague with long prison sentances hanging over them.
    (ray, 4 July 2007 17:47)

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  4. The guy is going to walk out free or at best get 6 months jail. What a Joke this court is and they have the nerve to demand Mladic! Its no wonder the Serbian government is not so quick to give him up. Bosnians and Albanians better start paying the price for their war crimes if the Hague ever hopes to get Mladic.
    (Canadien, 4 July 2007 21:48)

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  5. Where are the comments here from the supposed true humanatarians on this site who decry war crimes again and again? The El Mujahid unit is accused of torture, decapitation, rape and murder. Why no mention of the Kamenica Camp and the crimes committed there? Rasim Delic was the adviser to the Bosniak member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's (BiH) tripartite presidency when he was initially indited.
    Your silence is hypocritical and supports my argument that you lack objectivity and your cause for justice is one-sided!
    (Roger7, 4 July 2007 22:52)

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  6. There were some atrocities committed by foreign fighters on the muslim, croat and serb side (yes Serbs came from Serbia to fight in B&H). This is known.

    However, look at the civilian casulaties. Which side sustained the largest number of civilian casulaties? - the muslims. 83% of civilian deaths according to the new report (Book of the Dead) were muslim. 15% serb and croat combined. Now ask yourselves, which sides had a bunch of criminals as leaders. While Izetbegovic was calling for a unified Bosnian state Karadzic (Milosevic, Mladic, Arkan etc) and Tudman and Boban on the Croat side were ordering execution of civilians to cleanse land for a "Greater Serbia or Croatia". There was systematic rape of women, there was destruction of places of worship. How Christian is that?

    Serbs and Croats need to wake up and see what slaughtering was done in their name. The sad thing is that these intelligent criminals really didn't want the best for their people only to satisfy their own instincts for power.

    And don't keep talking about foreign fighters on the muslim side, there were foreign fighters on every side.
    (Slavko, 5 July 2007 06:36)

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  7. The Muslims count many fighters as civilians. This has actually been found out through researching the names. I think many have still slipped by the researchers.

    And they are counting "missing" in the latest numbers STILL. Since the Muslims claimed as dead have been found alive - including after trying Serbs for their murder and making them confess under torture - I say the death toll (even though it has been found a lot lower than the Muslims claimed) is even lower.

    Additionally the dead are 89% men. This shows no one was really after the women and children, and that they were in collateral damage numbers less than other wars.

    Additionally, since they are counting "children" as those under 18, this means that 16 and 17-year-olds (the armies recruited at 16 from all sides) would be claimed as children.

    Mostly soldiers died and to kill soldiers generally means an opposing army had to do it. Unarmed civilians can't really kill army members.

    The book of the dead shows most killed were military, and many civilians weren't really civilians if they were genuinely so-called "armed civilians".
    (ida, 5 July 2007 20:34)

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