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A new city is emerging, replacing the airport

Greece is building Europe's largest and greenest smart city in an $8 billion project that has been in development for more than a decade.


A new city is emerging, replacing the airport
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Located at the former Athens airport, Ellinikon is supposed to have Greece's first skyscraper, a high-end shopping center, and a sports park.

The developers of this project told Business Insider that they are trying to build a paradise that combines beautiful coastal views with technologically smart and environmentally friendly infrastructure. It is estimated that the first phase will be completed by 2026, will attract one million new tourists, and boost the Greek economy by 3.3 billion euros.

Ellinikon is one of several new high-tech cities built globally, usually seen in Asia or the Middle East rather than Europe.

This city of the future is being built on the site of the former Athens airport and is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

The smart city was named after the abandoned Ellinikon International Airport, located a little more than 6 kilometers south of Athens, which was closed in 2001. Construction was originally scheduled to begin in 2008 but was significantly delayed due to the global financial crisis that brought the Greek economy to the brink of collapse.

Work on the project, described by contractors as the largest urban regeneration project in Europe, finally began in July 2020. They highlight the fantastic view of the Aegean Sea as a major asset and one of the main priorities is the regeneration of the coast, which is just over 3 kilometers long.

Last year, construction began on Cove Residences (Cove Residences), a collection of luxury villas. Lambda Development, named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential companies, says it has already sold 350 waterfront properties and recently revealed plans to start work on a second site called Little Athens, which will have a further 1,115 residential units. unit.

A large coastal park is a key part of the project. The idea of ​​opening a metropolitan park on the site of an abandoned airport has been in the works since 2005, and the site has 650 hectares.

The project developers described the Riviera Tower as the "crown jewel" of Ellinikon. This will be the first skyscraper in Greece and the tallest building will have 180 apartments on 50 floors.

Lambda CEO Odysseus Athanasius previously said Ellinikon was "putting Greece on the map for the right reason", but not all Athenians agree. Some residents of the capital fear that the project will turn Athens into a "mini-Dubai" full of mega-yachts and casinos, while others have complained about the destruction of historic buildings connected to the old airport, reports Business Insider.


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