Cambodia: Serb sets bar on fire over "pizza discrimination"

Milos Micevic, a Serbian citizen who works as a tour boat driver in Cambodia, has been jailed on charges of assault and attempted arson.

Source: B92

According to local media, Micevic attacked the owner of a bar in Sihanoukville, and a staff member, because they "refused to sell him pizza."

After the beating, he attempted to burn the shop down using gasoline, the Khmer Times is reporting, citing the local police chief, Pol Phosda.

He added that "Jungle Bar simply did not have any more pizza left to sell and a misunderstanding arose, leading to the violent incident in which Micevic accused the bar owner of discrimination."

“The Serbian went to the bar late at night to buy a pizza but couldn’t get it because there were no pizzas left. However, when he saw other customers eating pizza, he started accusing the owner of discriminating against him," Phosda is quoted as saying.

He also said that "if it wasn’t for prompt intervention from the police, the shop would have been completely destroyed."

“The court decided to send him to prison. He was charged with assault for beating up two people and attempting to burn down the bar. He was lucky the fire was stopped on time," said Kol Phally, chief of the penal department of the provincial police.


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