Moscow and Ankara-backed Syria ceasefire confirmed

The Syrian government and the rebel forces have reached a ceasefire agreement that will come into effect at midnight local time.

Source: B92

Turkey's foreign minister announced earlier that Turkey and Russia will be the guarantors of any agreement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday confirmed that a ceasefire agreement had been reached, and that it will be guaranteed for by Moscow and Ankara.

Putin also stressed there was "readiness to start peace talks."

"Reports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we all have looked and worked for for so long. Three documents have been signed. A ceasefire between the Syrian government and the armed opposition is the one. A package of measures to control the ceasefire is the other. There is also a declaration of readiness to enter peace talks on Syrian conflict settlement," Putin said at a meeting with Russian foreign and defense ministers, TASS reported.


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