Dr. Tiodorovic revealed new discoveries

There are many fatalities and the mortality rate due to the coronavirus is much higher, epidemiologist Dr. Branislav Tiodorovic told Television Prva.

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV B92/arhiva
Screenshot/TV B92/arhiva

Almost 80 percent of the infected are found in the working population.

"Elderly people, over the age of 70 are dying, and they participate with 82% in the total number of fatalities.

"Unlike some of his colleagues, Dr. Tiodorovic says that the Crisis Staff came to the conclusion that the number of children in the total population of patients is not very high yet.

These children who are appearing now have some comorbidity. However, we came to the conclusion that the increase in those numbers is not that high. The number of patients is much higher, so is the number of those tested, but there are those who have a milder clinical picture or no symptoms. And they don't show up for testing.

The epidemiologist is rather optimistic about the summer vacation and says that it is likely possible that we will have a chance to go to the seaside in July, provided that we get enough people vaccinated in the shortest possible time and continue with the preventive measures.

We need about 3.5 million fully protected people, plus those who have had coronavirus, i.e., some 60-70 percent to reach that collective immunity.


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