Elderly refuse to be evacuated as Morava floods village

The South Morava River has flooded homes and fields in the village of Djunis near the town of Krusevac.

Source: B92
(TV O2, screen capture)
(TV O2, screen capture)

Most villagers have been evacuated, while a local road has been closed.

The head of the emergency service in Krusevac told TV Prva that about 20 people had been evacuated from Djunis during Tuesday, but that several elderly persons refused to leave their homes. They are now being provided for with adequate care and supplies.

The locals spent a sleepless night and were relieved to see a new day, said a TV Prva correspondent, because the water level on the river seems to have reached its peak, and is currently stagnating.

Traffic was completely shut down on the Krusevac-Djunis road due to the flooding, the AMSS announced on Wednesday morning.


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