Intl. press associations condemn violence

The IFJ and EFJ today reacted to yesterday's clashes in Belgrade, that saw several reporters injured.

Source: B92

The International Federation of Journalists IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) said in a statement issued on Wednesday that they condemn "several serious attacks on journalists covering a demonstration of Radovan Karadžić supporters".

The press release quoted Paco Audije, deputy secretary general of IFJ, as saying that journalists in Belgrade confirmed that "the police and Tomislav Nikolić, one of the main rally organizers, did not respect their previous promises to assure their safe work".

"Oscar Martínez, from the Spanish public television, TVE, had his camera broken and he was treated in hospital after being hit with an iron bar. Boško Branković, from B92 TV of Belgrade, had his leg fractured when filming the rally. In both cases, pro-Karadžić demonstrators seem to be responsible," the statement said of two separate incidents on Tuesday, and last week.

But, Beta news agency's Miloš Đorelijevski, was hit by riot police after howing them his professional card identification, it continued.

"At a time when Serbia was sending Radovan Karadžić to The Hague to face trial for war Crimes, these attacks put the clock back to journalists reminding the dark period of Milošević," Arne Konig, president of the EFJ, was quoted as saying.

Both IFJ and EFJ demand a full inquiry and he arrest of those responsible of the attacks and ask for full protection of journalists doing their job.


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