Skopje: Serb party's premises demolished

The premises of the Democratic Party of Serbs of Macedonia (DPSM) in Skopje have been demolished.

Source: Tanjug

The party said in a statement that the incident, that happened earlier in the week, represents a threat to its membership and sympathizers, and was the most serious attack to date on a political organization in Macedonia, especially as it is a party representing a minority national community.

"Yesterday's attack is the most serious threat to the personal security of our president (Ivan Stojilkovic) and a terrifying threat to DPSM members and sympathizers," the statement said.

The DPSM pointed out that there was no difference between this, and an attack that might have occurred against the headquarters of Macedonia's leading parties - VMRO DPMNE or SDSM - but that the incident was even more grave because the target was a party representing the Serb national community - "and the (Macedonian) Ministry of the Interior) is deliberately keeping silent on this fact."

The party said they had expected the Ministry's leadership "to engage a little more seriously" - to call, or visit the DPSM headquarters, and make some reassuring statement - "or something of the kind" - but added that this "did not happen."


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