15 terrorism suspects arrested in Bosnia

15 suspects have been arrested in an operation carried out in Sarajevo by the Bosnian Prosecution's Department for Terrorism.

Source: Tanjug

The news agency Fena said it learned unofficially that "one of the main leaders" of a group that was preparing a terrorist attack was among the suspects.

Fena said that "about 15 people were the target of the activities," and that there was "information and evidence" that this group was close to, and maintained contact with radical groups and structures of Islamic State, as well as with "structures connected with persons in Syrian and Iraqi fronts."

"Two religious buildings where radical persons gather" and a number of homes and other private premises they use have been searched, with "certain evidence material", including an IS flag collected that points to their ties with the organization.

The Federal Directorate of Police officers are also searching locations near Rajlovci, where two months ago two soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack.

Director of the Federal Directorate of Police Dragan Lukac told the Sarajevo daily Avaz that the operation was carried out on the order of the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and that those arrested are suspected of terrorism, financing of terrorism, incitement and preparation of a crime, inducing others to join wars abroad, and violation of the law on the freedom of religion.


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