"Kosovo is not a state"; Spain expressed a clear position: We will not support

Spanish Secretary of State for the European Union Pascal Navarro said before the Joint Commission for the EU in the Senate that Spain doesn't recognize Kosovo.

Source: Kosovo online

As he said, that is why he will vote against any procedural decision and the granting of candidate status to Kosovo, reports Klan Kosova.

He further explained that after Kosovo officially applied for membership to the current Czech Presidency, a "procedural decision" had to be made, which he assumed would come during the Swedish presidency of the EU Council from January 2023.

The normal thing, said Navarro, is to seek the opinion of the European Commission, then discuss it in the General Affairs Council and finally decide in the European Council.

"The government will not support the candidacy under the current circumstances and this position has not changed," Navarro emphasized.

Navarro pointed out that the Government of Spain "has a constructive position" on the issue of the Western Balkans and that it supports the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade and the mediation of the EU, and that it supports the liberalization of visas for Kosovo, which although "is not a state, is a territory with which the EU has relations".

Spain is one of five EU countries, along with Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Slovakia, which does not recognize Kosovo's independence.


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