Grenell confirmed: I ask Pristina to revoke fees immediately, and as for Belgrade...

Trump's Special Envoy Richard Grenell says Pristina must abolish taxes and will ask Belgrade to halt its campaign of Kosovo's derecognition.

Source: Tanjug

Grenell is coming to Belgrade tomorrow to talk to the Serbian President.

He met in Pristina today with Albin Kurti, as prime minister-designate to form a new Kosovo Government.

"In order to continue further with economic development, it is crucial that 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods to be revoked. This is the only thing that has to be eliminated, and at the same time the campaign to withdraw recognition of Kosovo's independence, led by Serbia, must be stopped", Grenell said.

The US diplomat in Berlin said that other political representatives in Pristina, who he will meet, will be also required to revoke 100% taxes on goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After meeting with Kurti, Grenell is expected to meet with Democratic Alliance of Kosovo President Isa Mustafa. He said his mission is solely dedicated to economic development and that fees must be removed in order to move forward.

The US Presidential Special Envoy conveyed the message pertaining to the abolishing of tariffs last night to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

Grenell is coming to Belgrade tomorrow, where he will discuss with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic the resumption of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Grenell reiterated that he was not interested in internal problems on Kosovo territory and that, as he said, he was trying to ignore political confrontations over the formation of the Pristina government and did not want to participate in this process.

He urged Albanian political leaders to obey the laws and not comment on talks on forming a government in the media.

The US Presidential Envoy also said that the Trump administration has been very successful in boosting Kosovo economy so far, as well as in helping businesses thrive.


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