"In Serbia, her people decide what future they want"

Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday he was "an insurmountable rampart" to those, both from the inside and the outside, who would like to return Serbia to the past.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug/Presidential Press Service)
(Tanjug/Presidential Press Service)

"In Serbia, its people decide what kind of future they want. I know why you are here in this number, not because you love or support me so much, but because you have a good understanding of what is being done by someone from the outside, and some from the inside, who want to return Serbia to the past, to the time of the plundering privatizations, that they are rich, and that the people are poor," Vucic said in addressing citizens of Kruševac and surrounding towns, who welcomed such messages with applause.

He pointed out that to Serbia the EU path is important - "but we will not join NATO and we will not impose sanctions on Russia, because that is an choice of our citizens."

He recalled that many have said that Serbia could not be "on two chairs", and pointed out:

"We do not have two chairs, we have one Serbian position and a Serbian chair and we will not let you determine and decide what our position is," Vucic said.

And they all angered you, said Vucic, and expressed the belief that that was why people came to Krusevac to hear him, and to show that they want a Serbia of the future of normal and decent people.

He added that he was "not scared in the least those who threaten:

"They just attack me every day, all day. Some others would like to attack them, but won't, many others who have extricated themselves from attack them - let them leave, it's fine they got away. For them there is an insurmountable rampart. This, while I still can, with my big back, I am an insurmountable rampart for them," he said.

"And that is a clear message both to these from outside and from te inside, that a decent, normal and modern Serbia they cannot defeat win. Thank you for supporting the country, and we will work even more diligently, more worthily, to fight for Serbia in every place. To saguard Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, the future of children," Vucic said.

As he said, at the beginning it was said that the protests (against him) were civil while today "the tycoon Dragan Djilas, who together with tycoon Miskovic pillaged here around Krusevac, too, and other cities of Serbia, says - so we will now put 100,000 million stickers out, make Belgrade ugly."

"Wait, didn't you tell us you do not participate in the protests? How now do now - you also pay for the stickers and know how many stickers, and organize the protests?" Vucic asked.

He noted that they "caught themselves and confirmed who organized (weekly) protests."

"As if we did not know that," Vucic said.

"Let them do their work, let them walk as much as they like, as long as they want, as long as it is peaceful. But we will not allow them violence, because the decent Serbia they must try to win in elections," Vucic said.

"We will guard the independence of Serbia and I am proud that Serbia is a free and sovereign country," Vucic said.

He also emphasized that "no ambassador must order to Serbia what to do and there is no ambassador who can call him and says - you may or may not do this."

Serbia is doing what is the will of its citizens, respecting international law, as it has always done, Vucic said.


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