Serbian president receives Russian ambassador

President Aleksandar Vucic believes Vladimir Putin's visit will be the most fruitful to date in terms of the number and content of agreement which he will sign.

Source: Tanjug

Vucic also thanked the Russian Federation and its president for the support they give to the territorial integrity of Serbia and its efforts to find a compromise solution for Kosovo and Metohija.

In his conversation with the Ambassador of Russia Aleksandr Chepurin in Belgrade on Wednesday, the president said that "we are extremely pleased with the talks with the Vice-President of the Russian Government, Yuri Borisov, on the preparation of the visit by the head of the Russian state to Serbia."

As Vucic said, energy is important for Serbia, infrastructure projects as well as innovative technology, but also all other areas in which we have good cooperation, where we can move forward.

"Let me once again thank the Russian president and you for the support that you provide to the Serbian people and Serbia and to preserving its territorial integrity, and for supporting our efforts to reach a compromise solution, not solutions that result from pressures, blackmail and unilateral solutions," Vucic pointed out.

He stressed once again that with great he expected Putin's arrival here with "great attention and impatience, with the belief that this will be another 'link in the chain of our very, very good relations, close, sincere, friendly ones, and that we will have the opportunity to raise the level of relations between Serbia and Russia to another level and to another higher level."

Vucic congratulated the Russian people and the state on the victory in WW1, and pointed out that the Serbs mark this victory "with greatest pride, showing respect toward our victims."

"I think that according to the number of victims, Serbia was probably the first or the second country (when it comes to losses) in proportion to its population and the territory it encompassed, on the allied side of course, and that's why everything that happens that is denying or in any way diminishing the sacrifices of our people, affects us particularly gravely," said the president of Serbia.

Therefore, I would like to emphasize, stressed Vucic, to thank you for the respect you have shown to the Serb victims, and the Serb people and the citizens of Serbia will know very much how to appreciate that.

"Russia is prepared to cooperate and provide assistance in a resolution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue," Chepurin said at the meeting.

"As our president has told you, on our side, there is absolute preparedness to cooperate and provide assistance in a resolution of this very significant issue," Chepurin told Vucic.


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