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Xi Jinping ahead of his arrival in Belgrade: Steel friendship

On the eve of his visit to Serbia, the Chinese President wrote an author's text in "Politika", in which, among other things, he said that he was looking forward to his arrival in Belgrade, as well as that China and Serbia have established a steel friendship.

Izvor: Politika, Novosti

Xi Jinping ahead of his arrival in Belgrade: Steel friendship
Tanjug/Mohammed Badra, Pool via AP


I look forward to meeting the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and other Serbian leaders and friends to discuss our friendship, plan cooperation and inject new vitality into the steel friendship between China and Serbia, Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote.

He reminded that, despite the great distance, there was an affinity between the people of China and Serbia, that strong friendship dates back to the Anti-Fascist War, and that in the midst of the ongoing transformation of the world, the mutual support of the two sides is stronger, cooperation is closer, while exchanges and mutual learning are more meaningful.

"Our steel friendship is continuously strengthening, thus setting an example for cooperation between states and peoples. Our two countries have always respected and trusted each other. President Vučić and I have developed a good working relationship through our meetings, telephone conversations and exchange of letters. The two countries maintain close cooperation at all levels and in all areas", said Xi ahead of today's visit to Belgrade.

He added that both sides fully understand and respect the choice of their own people for the development path, stand for the principle of justice and fairness, firmly support each other's essential interests of the greatest importance for both countries.

President of China pointed out that Serbia is the first free trade partner of China in Central and Eastern Europe, while last year China was the largest source of foreign investments and the second largest trade partner of Serbia.

Moreover, writes President Xi, China and Serbia have always helped each other, which was especially visible during the COVID 19 pandemic, but also always learned from each other; we stand for the happiness of the people and the prosperity of the country, actively exchange experiences on the management of the country and strengthen the cooperation of political parties.

"The Chinese saying says ''friends are those who think the same'', while Serbs say ''friends are the greatest treasure in life''.

''Chinese-Serbian long-term friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides fully indicate that the continuous deepening and development of relations between the two countries is in line with the historical trend and the fundamental interests of the people, contributing to the common progress of both sides," Xi Jinping pointed out.

President of China also said that he is ready, through this visit and together with the Serbian side, to promote the Sino-Serbian steel friendship, contribute to the betterment of both nations, and promote world peace and development.

He also said that the Sino-Serbian steel friendship was tempered by blood and fire, and recalled the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999, when three Chinese journalists were killed.

"We must never forget this. The Chinese people value peace, but they will never allow a historical tragedy to repeat itself. The friendship between China and Serbia, which is soaked in the shared blood of the two peoples, has become a common memory of the two peoples and will encourage both sides to take big steps forward together. Standing at a new historical starting point, we are ready to build a community of China and Serbia together with our Serbian friends with a common future in the new era," Xi Jinping concluded in an article in a daily Politika, as reported by Večernje Novosti.


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