President: Serbia is not "surrounded by NATO countries"

It is not true that Serbia is surrounded by NATO countries, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday.

Source: B92

"We are not surrounded by NATO countries, that's made up, there are at least two countries that are not NATO members," Vucic said, when journalists asked about the strengthening of the Serbian Army, and when they concluded that "NATO is nevertheless stronger, and Serbia is surrounded by NATO countries."

"And what does that mean? If we are surrounded by NATO countries, that we should not have an army or that our desire to strengthen it is a threat to someone? Well then let's abolish the army, let's abolish the police, let's abolish the state," the president said, and continued:

"Our choice is the hardest, it would be easier to say 'we'll join NATO'. But we want our army, it has to be capable and strong, and we will not attack anyone, but want to be able to defend the country at any moment."

Vucic also said that Serbia is working with NATO and will continue to do that - has good partner relations with the Russians, and will continue to do that - "but our interest is in Serbia."


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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has received New Year and Christmas greetings from numerous officials from around the world, his office announced on Friday.

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