Serbian IM wants FBI to open regional office in Belgrade

The FBI is "considering opening a permanent regional office in Belgrade," it was said after a meeting between Nebojsa Stefanovic and James Comey.

Source: Beta

The Serbian interior minister and the director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spoke in Belgrade on Tuesday about cooperation between the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) and the FBI. The meeting focused above all on "the fight against terrorism, technological crime and corruption," Beta reported.

The meeting focused above all on "the fight against terrorism, technological crime and corruption," Beta reported.

Stefanovic and Comey pointed out in their statements to the press that "current cooperation between the two security institutions is excellent, but should be further developed."

The FBI and the MUP "cooperate by exchanging information, but also through training of personnel, and so an agent who specializes in cyber crime is staying in Serbia, while Serbian inspectors go to the FBI Academy," it was said.

"Serbia wants to show it is a serious and reliable partner in the fight against terrorism. We want our people to be trained and ready to fight against terrorism on the global level," said Stefanovic.

He pointed out that "the strategic objective" of the ministry he heads is to achieve "even better cooperation with the FBI," and added that "opening FBI's regional office in Belgrade might help with that."

"I think it would be a good step in the realization of concrete cooperation and would contribute to the fight against organized crime and corruption," said Stefanovic.

Comey said that a decision on this matter would be "discussed in the near future."

He "pointed out that the FBI and the MUP had excellent cooperation" and mentioned as an example the arrest of "one of the most wanted fugitives whom FBI sought for the murder of a police officer."

According to Comey, the fight against crime on the internet is a priority.

"Together, we aim to strengthen the fight against cyber crime. There are people who want to hurt our children or steal our money on the internet," said the FBI chief.

Comey also "pointed out that Serbia is a strategically important country for the FBI," and that this is the case "because it is located at the crossroads." He added that "cooperation will intensify in the future."


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