SNS official doesn't rule out early elections

Igor Mirović says that "if the political atmosphere heats up" early parliamentary elections, held together with local polls in Belgrade, "cannot be ruled out."

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

"Elections are always there as a possibility. Almost all opposition parties are seeking election, although I am sure that it is not in their interest."

"Also, I would not neglect the possible change in the stances of the coalition partners, that could be an obstacle to the development and modernization of Serbia," said this cabinet minister and vice-president of the ruling SNS party, and continued:

"We are not a party that would hide our head in the sand in front of demands for early elections, nor would we make political compromises when it comes to the future of Serbia."

Mirović, who spoke for the Belgrade-based daily Večernje Novosti, stressed that there was "no crisis" within the government of Serbia - "just different approaches to serious and major issues."

"It is natural that there are different opinions on different issues. We have a coalition within which all parties do not hold the same views. Despite this, the government is stable and efficient. In politics, compromises are necessary, and we achieve them daily. It is in the best interest of the citizens," said Mirović.

Asked about the speculation that the Progressives (SNS) were now split into camps supporting Tomislav Nikolić or Aleksandar Vučić, he replied that "those who are planting such speculation do not know either Nikolić or Vučić well, nor most of the leadership of the SNS."

"For us there is only a division between those who are more or less able to defend the interests of Serbia in the best way. Therefore, we have full unity within the party. The best answer to this speculation is the will of the people, which is measured in elections and public opinion research. The citizens would not support our policy so much if there were divisions," Mirović concluded.


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