PM favors withdrawal of genocide lawsuits

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has said that Serbia and Croatia should "put an end to all the open issues from the past."

Source: Tanjug

Speaking in Belgrade on Thursday, he added that both countries would be better off if they withdrew the mutual genocide lawsuits.

Dačić told reporters that Serbia "has no reason to be afraid of these trials more than Croatia."

"It's just a matter of what kind of tensions between the two countries will be causes by those lawsuits - it is better for us all that they be withdrawn," the prime minister said.

Dačić added that Serbia was seriously preparing "as if the trial will be take place," and that our country has "a very strong legal team."

"We must put an end to all of these issues from the past, and an end will be put either with the trials or with a mutual agreement to withdrawal the lawsuits," he said.

The Serbian prime minister was quoted as saying that "things like filing of genocide lawsuits cannot be done unilaterally," and that if Croatia wants to withdraw the mutual lawsuits, Serbia was "ready for that."

According to media reports, the trial before the International Court of Justice in The Hague will begin in March of next year.


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