1. Some were transferred to Slovakia, Poland, Albania, BiH. Not sure about Hungary, at least it wasn't announced. Slovakia and Albania got a good number of the Gitmo population. As far as I recall, many were transferred to a quit, beautful Pacific Rim island-nation.

    The conditions are pretty tough (for the Gitmo-ers). Even if most of us would accept such conditions with a laugh. For them it's a "disgrace". So do not underestimate, they have to fight their being from inside.

    But heck, they accepted the plea bargain. For me it would be a laugh ("Do you want a new name, new identity, new citizenship in a minor country? You will live in a place with great weather and food and you never will run out of money because we will finance your life. But you cannot join military, you have to convert to Christianity and you have to live like locals")

    Me: "yes, please, a million times - but only if I get from you my retirement money, too"
    Them: (the bad guys): "uh-oh..." (they are kind of unsure, some even rejected the deal!)
    I mean... c'mon! And BTW: the older you are, the better Montenegro or Israel looks like for your joints. The slightly radioactive sand in Ulcinj is an oder bonus.
    Of course, France, Nevada or San Diego is very good, too. But they do not have choice, so let it be Montenegro, I am envious.
    (Ataman, 23 June 2016 17:10)

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  2. So a terrorist because lets face that is what he is, put in Montenegro not Canada not Australia not Germany but Montenegro. why did they accept him? why not send him back to Yemen or Albania? dirty yanks up to no good once again.
    (despisethealbos, 23 June 2016 13:39)

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