1. Reader

    I wasn’t speaking about the mosques or whatsoever. It was just one of my arguments the Ottoman colonialism was not that long and not always so severe. The only mistake I made was about the Rjurik Dynasty. They were only close relatives of the Byzantine Emperors while Emperors belonged to the Komnins (Jesus family) or Paleologs ( St. Mary) or Angels (bastards) and sometimes they had two parallel Emperors. In fact I do not quite understand how this Empire existed and what nations were dominating here. Because there were several candidates in the region – the Greeks, Slavs , Scythians, Armenians, Persians , Caucasians and later the Turk or Tatar speaking people.

    As for my strange vision of the events I can’t help it because what I already know cannot be roomed by the Scaliger/Petavius history. Just think about these two men in late 17-18 centuries without any proof decided when and where Jesus was born where and when Mohammad made his Hijra where and when all the wars happened ect. Without a single document they also invented never existed Greek and Italian Rome Empires and told us fairy tales of the Troy war and of the “ancient” China and India ect. If you can believe them without any document it’s up to you. If you can imagine that backward and very few Mongols could seize and for centuries control the world it’s also up to you.
    (rote, 15 May 2015 13:00)

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  2. I really enjoy your writings rote.

    In one post you say about Turkey "Seems that they still live in a parallel reality each time overestimating their own capacities."

    And in the next post you talk about the Great Horde and the alternate history that you like so much.

    About the mosque inauguration, in some sense it was done to reciprocate the Orthodox and Catholic Church buildings in Tirana. All are useless in my opinion, one bigger than the other, like guys comparing d**ks. If you believe in God, it should just be personal, without all the political nonsense and the showing off. And all are noisy, with their bells and muslim prayer songs.
    (Reader, 14 May 2015 19:48)

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  3. Joni

    “Just because the Balkans were 500 years under Ottoman Empire“

    Let’s be correct about this old clichet. Formally we can talk about the Ottoman Empire only since 1453 when Constatinople was seized by Mehmet II Fatih. End of the domination can be considered the Berlin Treaty of 1878. Yes some parts of Balkans remained under the Turks intill WW1 but in general the domination ended in 1878. It makes total 425 years. But before 1613 Ottomans (Atamans) were part of the Great Horde as well as the Balkans. So the real occupation lasted after that date i.e. 1878-1613 = 265 years. It was the time when the two parts of the Great Horde started to conflict. Automatically the conflict reached the Balkans too. But before the illegal Romanovs seized state power in the Great Horde there could not be any Ottoman occupation. Moreover all the famous Sultans were Slavs of the Rurik Dinasty same as the Russian Khans of the White Horde and the Emperors of the former Byazantie. In fact the real colonization of the Balkans started in the mid-17 century during Suleiman Qanuni. But because at that time the Porta was still an Orthodox State the colonization wasn’t so horrible. 17-th century was the time when the first mosques were built here but most often the Ottomans reconstructed the churches. This is why the old mosques have other architecture with entrance on the western sides. Thus what you say is correct only for the last 160-200 years of the Ottomans when they were really bad gys.
    (rote, 14 May 2015 14:07)

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  4. If I were them I would put more realistic and pragmatic tasks like neutralizing the Albanians about the Turkish Stream,
    @ rote,

    We both know that "this" have nothing to do with Albania and Albanians...
    Albanian government is really worried about.
    The Serbian Government talk to "troubles". Why?
    Think a little who win from this???
    Or..., you are "too busy" to think.
    If some mercenaries sold their soul and their nation for some money then hope they burn in hell.
    (Joni, 14 May 2015 13:35)

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  5. (Gotsefromohrid, 13 May 2015 19:05)

    A ok! I like too your favourite slogan: "that turkey is Albania"

    At first this.. "man" is as "smart" as Berlusconi as in an interview in Istanbul told that Turkey must claim the Balkan because of the Ottoman Empire..
    Just because the Balkans were 500 years under Ottoman Empire, he think Balkan is Turkey.
    This is the same way that Serbs claim Kosovo.
    Just because Kosovo was ~ 100 years under Serbia rule, Serbs shout : Kosovo is Serbia!
    'One" worst than "Other"
    (Joni, 14 May 2015 12:49)

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  6. I have a mixed feeling for Erdogan and his Davutoglu minister. On one hand I like their independent stance on many issues where others immediately start to suck. But on the other hand they fail to get rid of their imperial mentality. They still dream of the Empire that had never existed or to be exact was different from what is said after Ata Turk. They forget that people of Turk origin compose only half of the population here and that for centuries it was a discriminated minority of the Ottoman Empire. They massacred the Slav Yanichars in the 19 century and it killed the Empire. But they believe their own fairy tales so they got involved to Syria, to Egypt and to other states that they take as their own backyard. Wrong stakes made them new enemies like As Sisi and Assad. They participate in Azerbaijan conflict and they try to top former Soviet states in Asia. All in vain. Moreover they insist on special relations with the Bosniaks and the Albanians and the Gagauz people of Moldova and the Crimean Tatars … Seems that they still live in a parallel reality each time overestimating their own capacities. If I were them I would put more realistic and pragmatic tasks like neutralizing the Albanians about the Turkish Stream, like joining Russia as the winning side in Ukraine ect. But they still behave as the Great Porta no matter of the fiascos they suffer.
    (rote, 14 May 2015 12:36)

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  7. Building a mosque is a pointless exercise.

    God does not exist.

    This kind of building is done to enforce people's predudices.

    Different country's base themselves on different religions - each taken in by the deception that their version is the 'truth'.

    The fact is that they are all fooled by a lie.
    (Bob, 14 May 2015 12:06)

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  8. "He definitely knows something albanians don't."

    What? How to make the perfect baklava?
    (Nikolle, 14 May 2015 10:03)

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  9. Perhaps a 20,000 foot warehouse, or manufacturing plant for "anything" would be far more productive for the countless people, many unemployed and poorly educated, that will flock there multiple times daily.
    (Dragche, 14 May 2015 00:21)

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  10. I'd love to see erdogan repeating his favourite slogan that turkey is albania and kosovo.He definitely knows something albanians don't.
    (Gotsefromohrid, 13 May 2015 19:05)

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