1. It has absolutely nothing to do with Putin.

    This station ran a poll at the beginning of the year asking "should Leningrad have been surrendered to the Nazi's to save hundreds of thousands of human lives" Everyone in Russia was offended, and the major cable providers dropped the channel, now they have no money and nobody wants to rent them space. But blaming the finances of a tv station in Russia on Putin sells in the West. SEE! SEE! Putin is shutting them down. They forget that a few years ago the vice president of the United States was personally calling banks not to do business with Wiki-leaks. That was actual censorship.
    (marKo, 9 December 2014 16:51)

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  2. This is the behaviour of President For Life Putin.

    Let every nationalist Serb who calls him a 'Brother' note that he is actually a power-hungry pig.

    The strength of a democracy lies in the ability to get rid of people in power - not just elect them.

    He is weak in that he needs to suppress the press - he is not able to answer it's harder questions so he silences it.

    He is yet another pompous pathetic dictator.
    (Bob, 9 December 2014 15:37)

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