1. Hey "truth", does the truth bother you that two officials of the Serbian government are meeting in...Pristina? What about the fact that the entire Serbian military is coming to Kosovo-Metohija to play a friendly soccer match against NATO-KFOR? Who knows, maybe next time they will be called down for joint military exercises.

    Stranger sh*t has happened!
    (Ari Gold, 31 July 2014 19:02)

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  2. During the meeting in the EU Office in Priština, Serbian officials discussed "ways of unifying economic potentials and, together with representatives of interim institutions in Kosovo, invest efforts in the realization of projects of mutual interest for all citizens."

    "interim institutions"=makes no sense anymore, so why bother using that term since reality is totally different!? Grow up and smell the coffee.

    Anyway, this is no news reporting at all. Tom meets Jerry and Jerry meets Tom. Does it sound like news of any importance???
    (the truth, 31 July 2014 17:46)

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