1. Serbia needs to adjust its electoral system.

    You for the party and the party selects those who go into the parliament

    Therefore parliamentarians aren't beholden to the electorate, but to their party.

    When's the last time we've seen a new face in Serbian politics

    Serbian politics is designed so that no one will get involved in politics.

    It's a sham and it's causing lower and lower voter turnouts each election as people simply become disillusioned.
    (Danilo, 30 January 2014 12:27)

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  2. Promising candidates? What candidates, they're all the same old, tired faces for the past 20+ years. Some change parties but they always stay the same. The old guard as I like to call them.
    (Smiley, 29 January 2014 23:52)

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  3. Well finally the Belgrade elite decided to schedule new elections. After almost a year (!) of talks and just another move to cover their inability to impose (economic) reforms that would make the life of the Serbian people better.

    I wonder how low the election turnout will be this time. Also I am afraid that none of the parties and candidates will have the balls for the so much needed reforms in Serbia.

    I know Serbian politics but I wonder if one of the commentators here in the forum, that is more familiar with single candidates (and their parties) might name a couple of promising candidates that are not fully corrupted?

    (Nemac, 29 January 2014 18:41)

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