1. Hello grzz,

    Faithfully reporting what Markovic or anybody else says is NOT professional journalism. It is allowing yourself to be manipulated by devious individuals.

    If the report had some substance and accuracy, there would be no complaint from me as the media would be informing the public accurately. But it doesn't.

    Markovic's words are based upon a falsehood that he has manipulated to his benefit. It is the media's responsibility to point out this falsehood. That's not comment or censorship, it's providing factual information to inform the readership.

    Milions of people will have now read this inaccuracy (its a BETA text on the network and thus carried by several outlest not just B92) and most will believe it to be true. I do not consider that to be a good result. Maybe you do.
    (Willie Garvin, 1 August 2008 18:14)
  2. Willie, I'm just wondering what standards of journalism you're used to as I cannot understand what is appalling about this particular piece.
    It is simply a (presumabaly faithful) report of what Markovic said. The press all over the world reports what national political leaders say. Do you expect B92 to censure it because you don't like the message? I happen to find a lot of what people like Vjerica Radeta say pretty appalling, but I still expect the press to publish it!

    I think maybe you have the problem of confusing news with comment.
    (grzz, 1 August 2008 11:15)
  3. Hello Richard Z,

    I'm afraid you have failed to see my point completely.

    My comment was not about free speech nor the rights and wrongs of ICTY. It was about journalistic standards in Serbia.

    If you look beyond the political rhetoric, you will see that Markovic has spoken untruths and B92 et al have slavishly repeated those lies. Is that helpful?
    (Willie Garvin, 1 August 2008 10:14)
  4. how interesting- Palma,Dacic and Krkobabic (also known as Baba Roga) sold Karadzic and now Palma points the finger at someone else, anyone else will do.

    Honestly Kostunica should have known better than to co-operate with the hague in the early days, but at least he does not pretend that he does not know what they are up to now that Milosevic died mysteriously while Harandaj and Oric have been set free to kill again.

    Palma joins the DS with their heads in the sand pretending that the Hague will contribute to the interests of justice and democracy.
    (Marko, 31 July 2008 23:18)
  5. I don't know why publishing a piece like this is appaling. There is nothing unusual about it anyway. Wheter you think Markovic has a right to say such things or not.

    All those who think that people like Karadzic are hero's should be ashamed of themselves not B92. Co-operation with the Hague tribubal remains an international obligation. It's easy to lay blame on others, but sometimes we just need to look at ourselves and do what we must do most importantly for the victims of Karadzic.
    It isn't always about us.
    (Richard Z, 31 July 2008 23:09)
  6. Unfortunately Willie, B92 are being mentored by CNN. It is just another propaganda machine.

    In my books, it has recently managed to improve its rating from bad to appalling. And to think when I first started posting (a few months ago), I though it was OK.

    How quickly things change.
    (ZK UK, 31 July 2008 23:04)
  7. Well said Willie!

    Dragan Marković is a worm who held Serbia hostage for 3 months after the elections for his own personal greed! DSS extradited those accused to the Hague before it was known for its unfair and one way justice towards Serbs Palma!
    (Duro, 31 July 2008 18:34)
  8. Dear B92,

    This is an appalling piece of journalism and you should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing this piece. Although, it is not unique, it is just a perfect example of the standards of journalism in Serbia.

    I know, in Serbia, it is considered a journalists duty to ‘report’ faithfully the words of the principle, but at some time you will have to understand your greater duty is to ‘inform’ your readership of the news and not just be a free platform for political opportunists to pass on their propaganda.

    If the DSS/NS are “only interested in point scoring”, what do you think Markovic is doing?

    If you think DSS/NS have changed their stance, what do you think Markovic has done? Ask yourself this, with which party and with which well-known figure did Markovic used to be aligned with?

    Now ask yourself about the main content of the text: extradition of ICTY indictees. How many did Kostunica’s government EXTRADITE? And how many did they encourage to voluntarily surrender themselves?

    Markovic knows that when he speaks to you, he can say whatever falsehoods, whatever nonsense he wants, and you will faithfully reproduce it verbatim. All the politicians are at it, and you seem quite happy to be manipulated in this way.

    When are you, the Serbian media, going to be a bit more professional in your approach to informing the public? When are you going to apply some consideration, some analysis, and some contextual background to the propaganda being spouted by the political elite? How will your readership ever learn about the complexity of Serbian politics when you are party to this deliberate misinformation campaign?

    How can you look yourself in the mirror and say, “today I informed the public of the reality of politics in Serbia.” That, I assume, is what you are aiming to do, isn’t it? Or, have you consciously decided to deliberately become the direct mouthpiece of the current government, its members and its spokesmen?
    (Willie Garvin, 31 July 2008 17:15)