1. Don't you just love these smart politicians thousands of miles away without a clue about what's going pressing on with their own agenda in parts of the world that don't concern them.
    (Sale, 8 December 2007 03:00)
  2. "Kosovo crisis won't be replicated in Bosnia"

    Of course it will. All signs point to it. Kosovo will be taken over adminstratively by the EU with all power severely decentralized to the local level. Serbs will be given exclusive rights within their own municipalities and enclaves, while Albanians will be given the responsibility of handling their own day to day affairs too. But Kosovo will not become independent in the traditional sense for many years to come. Thaci will be little more than a visual showpiece, bound to implement whatever the EU tells him. The only difference I can think of between Bosnia and what will happen in Kosovo is that there won't be any substates mandated (i.e. no RS or Federation). All authority will be under the EU as the only way to solve the status and move forward.
    (Mike, 6 December 2007 20:57)
  3. (Andrea Baucero

    Serbs make vast majority in Vojvodina so that option drop off. Sanzdak is divided in two fractions, pro Serbian and pro Bosnian. So if partition takes place then Sandzak splits in two parts. Presevo Valley has one or two municipalities with Serbian majority,in that case Presevo municipality may join Kosovo, it is not any loss.
    (bmrusila, 6 December 2007 18:27)
  4. Kosovo won't be partitioned because of Trepca.

    Look it up on Google and you'll see that various countries, i.e. mainly the UK, US and France have over the years sent teams to evaluate the resources in Kosovo.

    THAT is the reason why partition is so unpalatable to them.

    t's probably also the reaosn wh ythe Russians are so steadfast in supporting Serbia, because their companies want a piece of the action.
    (PB, 6 December 2007 17:41)
  5. "Kosovo crisis won't be replicated in Bosnia"

    Here is the US being caught lying through its teeth! One reason commonly cited for opposing Kosovo's partition is the possible effects that may have on Bosnia. Yet here is a US official saying that will not happen. So why continue to oppose partition as a solution? Pure hogwash and double talk if you ask me!
    (lowe, 6 December 2007 14:13)
  6. bmrusila,

    aboslutely right - the US can't decide what the Bosnian Serbs want or don't want especially once the US impose the most flagarnt attack against the UN in forcing Self-determination over sovereignity. Republika Srpska will be just one of the many dominoes the US have set falling!

    Of course it would be interesting to hear Fried explain the loss of South westernn America in the years to come if the US have set this illogical and irrational law upon the world.

    Maybe Fried should also explain what is so unique of ethnic-Albanians in Serbia's province from those (even family of the first group) that live in the rest of Serbia ? If the second group are living in democratic Serbia what exatly is so unique for the Serbian -Albaninans in Serbia's province of Kosovo & Metohija to flagrantly act in such an agressive nature against the UN and force the partition of Serbia?
    (Princip, UK, 6 December 2007 13:40)
  7. Bmrusila, if Serbs have a right to self-determination, so do all the other peoples in the Balkans. For example, if RS goes, so does Sandak, Vojvodina and Presevo.
    (Andrea Baucero, 6 December 2007 13:23)
  8. Mr.Fried fails to explain why the status question cannot remain as it is right now.

    is the US-administration fearing the K-albanians?
    (Jovan, 6 December 2007 12:09)
  9. Freid knows very well that if Kosovo goes Republika Srpska goes too. Serbs have the same right on selfdetermination.
    (bmrusila, 6 December 2007 12:07)