1. COVID is one thing, covidiotism is an other.

    Up until May of 2021 sale of men's underwear in France was banned. Same with washing machines. But sale of panties and vacuum cleaners was allowed. This was because of COVID.

    Recently, at last, we ordered a car. We wanted to buy it close to the home and at the same time the car is intent to be in a different country. The dealer refused to order the car because there is a restriction of car export... because of the COVID.

    So when delivered sometimes in June-July, we have to take a train and go about 80 miles to a different city, where I ordered the car. And of course we will have quite higher chances to get the COVID on that train. Unless we travel first class. But on many trains the first class was canceled... because of COVID.

    I see. I will ride that Hungarian train on the top of the roof, as usual. With the usual pizza, stolen from the dining car and shared with my "British" friend.


    I am quite worried that she disappeared... COVID?
    (Матильда Мышевна Острозубка, 1 December 2021 01:26)

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