1. Unions and policies change all the time but land is constant.
    Do not give Kosovo away for a temporary membership to anything.
    How long is EU going to last and how long has Kosovo lasted and will last?
    (Peggy, 17 November 2017 00:13)

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  2. noting that since 2000, the EU and its members have supported Serbia in the amount of EUR 9 billion

    - the EU and its members ? 9 billion ? Would really need to clarify this in which way does this add up ? Direct aid from EU comes nowhere near, nor anywhere close to such a figure since 2000.

    Its clear that the EU and its members in NATO did more than 9 billion in damage prior to 2000 - whats more depleted uranium continues to cost in human lives that no money can replace!

    No amount of 30 pieces of silver can replace the lost lives that continue to haunt and rise and the damage the EU its members and rest of NATO did.
    (Principa, Gracanica, KiM, Serbia, 16 November 2017 20:25)

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