Flag of Libyan rebels at embassy in Belgrade

BELGRADE -- The flag of Libyan rebels has been hoisted on the flagpole of the Libyan embassy in Belgrade, Radio and Television of Serbia reported on Tuesday morning.

The RST footage shows that instead of the green one, the Belgrade embassy has raised the flag of the Libyan rebels which depicts three bands of green, black and red, with a white crescent and a star at the center.

Hundreds of Libyans gathered Monday in their embassies and consular offices around the world to raise the flag of the anti-government rebels and remove the symbols of Muammar Gaddafi's rule.

The diplomatic staff of some embassies voiced support for the rebels.

A group of Libyans forced an entry into the their country's embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where they threw Gaddafi's pictures out and raised the rebels' tricolor flag.