Niš: Several thousand students protest

NIŠ -- Several thousand university students are today protesting in Niš.

They are expressing dissatisfaction over ethnic Kosovo Albanians' unilateral declaration of secession.

After first gathering in front of the Rectorate in this southern Serbian city, they are now moving through the streets in a protest march.

The students at the head of the column are carrying large banners, including what has become the trademark slogan of the protests and riots so far, "It Will Remain Ours", as well as "1244 Reasons Not to Give Up", "Students of Serbia Stand Up to Injustice", while singing the national anthem, God of Justice.

Before the protest walk, the students read out a declaration of support to the Serb people and their colleagues in Kosovo – a message that will also be read in Kosovska Mitrovica, during the demonstrations scheduled there for Friday.

The protest is conducted peacefully so far, but with visible police presence.

Yesterday evening, several towns in Serbia, most notably Užice, reported violence during riots. No one was injured, but property, including that belonging to banks and party offices, was damaged.