"Only LDP and SNS have authentic policy"

BELGRADE -- Opposition LDP party leader Čedomir Jovanović believes that "society in Serbia" is not ready for possible early parliamentary elections.

(B92, file)
(B92, file)

Speaking for B92 in Belgrade on Tuesday, Jovanović also said that his party's cooperation with the Democrats (DS) and the League of Vojvodina Social-Democrats (LSV) was "natural", but noted that "there must be the will to cooperate from the other side as well".

"I think it is very bad that a decision about elections is not being influenced by an awareness of society, but by unsatisfied appetites within the ruling coalitions. Does it make sense for (Ivica) Dačić to be the boss of (Aleksandar) Vučić)? No, it does not. Not because I think Vučić is a more capable man than Dačić, or vice-versa, but because it is obvious that Vučić's ambition is not of that kind," the LDP leader said.

According to him, it is possible that early parliamentary elections will be organized this year.

"I believe that this will happen in 2012, that this grand manipulation that is hidden, above all, behind the supposed fight against corruption, will lead us to 2013 as an election year. Is society ready for those elections, is it aware of their importance, I think not, so I don't expect that key political turning point to happen in 2013, but we will certainly arrive to some new relations in our politics during 2013," Jovanović stated, and added:

"I only see two parties in Serbia today: I see the SNS, and I see the LDP. All the others are somehow managing hand to mouth, I see no authentic policy there."