Thaci to release names of Marty’s helpers

PRIŠTINA -- Hashim Thaci has announced that he will publish a list of Albanians who helped Dick Marty write the report which accuses him of organ trafficking in Kosovo.

Hashim Thaci (FoNet)
Hashim Thaci (FoNet)

Thaci said that “many will blush” over the list, the media in Priština have reported.

“There are witnesses and proofs which show how the report was written,” he said and added that “there have been attempts to release the report, which seriously damaged Kosovo’s reputation, before the elections in Kosovo on December 12”.

Thaci told Priština-based Albanian language daily Koha Ditore yesterday that Marty’s report on human organ trafficking was a “political pamphlet, prepared in Serbia” with Russia's blessings.