Serbia "created new model for solving conflicts"

ATHENS -- The ICJ opinion on Kosovo will open up the possibility to reach a compromise regarding the future status of the province, according to FM Vuk Jeremić.

In his speech at the 17th OSCE Ministerial Council in Athens, the minister said that “Serbia had created a new model for solving ethnic conflicts in the 21st century by choosing a peaceful and non-confrontational approach”.

“This is our contribution to the regional and global renewal of trust which is essential for the international system that has been facing an increasing number of modern challenges,” he added.

Jeremić told the gathering that Serbia was advocating a compromise regarding the future status of Kosovo, which would be acceptable to all parties, and consolidate peace and security in the Western Balkans while having a key role in achieving Serbia’s central strategic priority – admission to the EU.

The foreign minister added that the level of trust in OSCE member-states, "from Vladivostok to Vancouver" is not as high today as it used to be, and that the organization's founding principles and common values are not always applied, which in turn creates double standards.

Jeremić also pointed out that recent events in the OSCE region "clearly showed that it was time to start a frank dialogue about strengthening the security in the 21st century Europe in accordance with international law and the basic principle of decision-making by consensus.“

He said that "the spirit of Helsinki could only be revived with a joint effort, renewal and re-establishing of trust" and pointed out that "there should be good will to study all the initiatives that could help reach that goal“.

"That is why we are welcoming the efforts of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev," Jeremić said.

The Serbian minister called for creating a new security architecture in Europe.

"If we wish to create an indivisible security architecture for te well-being of the future generations, we must start working now. Let us turn toward the strategic task of consolidating the security and cooperation in Europe,“ Jeremić concluded.