Serbian general visits Pentagon

WASHINGTON D.C. -- General Zdravko Ponoš visited the US Pentagon representing the Serbian Military.

General Zdravko Ponoš (www.vj.yu)
General Zdravko Ponoš (www.vj.yu)

Ponoš met with US military officials yesterday to discuss the possibilities of military cooperation between Serbia and America. It was the first visit made by a Serbian senior military official to the US in the last 20 years.

General Ponoš met with commanders of the UN National Guard and the Ohio National Guard, who the Serbian military has been cooperating with since the signing of an agreement regarding the status of its forces and national partnership programs.

Ponoš told Radio Television Serbia that the US and Serbia are currently analysing the possibilities of cooperation in various fields.

“It could be said that this is a period of checking pulses and looking at possible partnerships. In this field, political space is very narrow and modest. We are trying to fill it up as soon as possible and move forward. If we do this quickly and well, we will enable things to spread out and that is why we are discussing how to reach the stage of planning for the next move.” Ponoš said.

Ponoš also said that there is a possibility of getting Serbian officers to begin training at US military colleges if the political and legal space for doing such things shows itself in the meantime.