Officials arrested in new corruption case

NIŠ -- The director of the Business Association NISSA A.D. and a tax inspector of the Niš Tax Administration in Aleksinac have been arrested.

The police in the southern town of Niš are holding them in 48-hour detention.

NISSA Business Association Director Snežana Trenčić was arrested on suspicion that she committed the crime of forgery of official documents and money laundering.

Niš Tax Administration official Srđan Zdravković, meanwhile is suspected of abuse of office, the Niš Police Department said, according to Tanjug.

Criminal charges were also pressed against Zoran Ajković Ajkula, a member of the NISSA A.D. Management Board, for money laundering and document forgery.

Ajković is currently held in detention in Montenegro, awaiting extradition to Serbia.