DS official's arrest "political act," says party

NOVI SAD -- Democratic Party (DS) official Veljko Krstonošić said on Friday that the arrest of Borislav Novaković was "a political act."

Borislav Novaković (Tanjug, file)
Borislav Novaković (Tanjug, file)

Krstonošić, who heads the party's Novi Sad board, told reporters at the city assembly that Novaković's arrest is an attempt at weakening political opponents.

"Borislav Novaković has already been in custody for two months in 2013 and no indictment has been raised. This is the ultimate proof that this is a case of political arrest," he said.

Novaković was arrested for something he did not do, Krstonošić said, adding that "this has nothing to do with justice."

He added that the current government protects its coalition partners and personnel "on all levels of government."