Man kills 13 people in village south of Belgrade

BELGRADE -- A 60 year-old-man is suspected of shooting and killing 13 people in the village of Velika Ivanča, south of the Belgrade municipality of Mladenovac.


According to reports, the man has been identified as Ljubiša B. His victims - six women, a 2-year-old boy, and six men, are said to be "his neighbors and relatives".

After the killing spree, the suspect attempted to murder his wife and commit suicide. Both survived and are in a critical condition.

The shooter's first victims were his son and mother.

Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljović was at the scene this morning, and told reporters that 12 victims died instantly, while one succumbed to their wounds in the hospital. The doors to the houses were not locked and the victims were all killed in their sleep, with shots to the head.

According to Veljović, the investigation was ongoing and the motive for the massacre is unknown at this time.

"This affected five homes, relatives and neighbors. At this moment we have nobody to talk to because five houses have been effectively shut down," he explained. Only one person in the five homes survived - a man who was away, working at the time of the tragedy.

Veljović also explained that Ljubiša B. was headed toward other homes when he saw a police patrol and shot himself in the head instead.

According to reports, the murders were committed with a CZ-88 pistol, for which the shooter had a license.

Neighbors described Ljubiša B. as a non-violent man who "never created any problems". On Monday, "he behaved normally - and then something snapped in his head during the night," they told reporters.

According to the medical and police sources, he did not have a history of mental illness or a police record.

Ljubiša B. was a veteran of the war in Slavonia in 1991. Before they were laid off a year ago, both he and his son worked for a Slovenian company.

Mass murders of this kind are rare in Serbia. A previous similar tragedy occured in 2007, when a man killed nine people in a village in the east of the country.