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Belgrade City Assembly constitutive session is postponed; Šapić: "Decision on Sunday"

President of the Provisional Authority of the City of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, addressed the citizens.

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Belgrade City Assembly constitutive session is postponed; Šapić: "Decision on Sunday"


Šapić stated that Toma Fila will postpone the Assembly for two days, more precisely, that it will be held on March 3.

Šapić said why they decided to postpone the session for two more days.

"As far as we are concerned, on the 19th, when we postponed the first scheduled Assembly, we said that considering the whole situation and the specific moment, we decided to wait and see if we would succeed with Mr Nestorović. We decided to raise the bar of legitimacy and see that will we be able to come to an agreement with Nestorović, whom we considered the only credible one," Šapic said

"To no longer enter into the schizophrenia that has been created, for this reason, the people who decide in our country have come to a situation where they have to reconsider their views on whether Nestorović is legitimate, when his own do not consider him legitimate either. Yesterday I said that I remained with the old position, if we accepted the position that Nestorović is the only legitimate one, then I am in favor of sticking with him. You yourself know that I have repeatedly said that I do not consider it illegitimate because that is how the political scene has functioned for the past 20 years. I do not think that it is bad, illegitimate to form a majority with people who want to support your public policy," Šapić said.

"Because of all that, we decided to postpone it, to get two more days, to talk, to put everything on the table," said Sapić.

"By Sunday, we will take a final position and inform the public," Šapić said.

He points out that the situation is even more complicated than they thought.

"After the ODIHR report that irritated part of the opposition, it is obvious that they will not come to terms with some things and that they are ready for much more serious consequences, which we must prevent. We must not allow the collapse of the state and the constitutional-legal order. If they think that after every election they will be able to take to the streets, fight and overthrow the government, we will enter an anarchist society and there is no way out for us. We will not allow that. Accordingly, we will make a decision in the next two days, whatever it may be, we will do everything to prevent those scenarios from happening again", Šapić said.

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