Ukraine: "Deadline - July 20th"; Russia's response: "You live in a parallel reality"

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has given Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu a deadline - July 20th.

Source: Sputnik
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Vladimir Zotov
Ilustracija: Shutterstock/Vladimir Zotov

Until then, Minister Shoygu should be summoned to the main administration of that service for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Mariupol for further processing, "Sputnik" reported.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper "Glavkom", the Russian minister is accused of being responsible, among other things, for "the formation of illegal armed formations".

The summons to Shoygu was signed by Taras Butenko, the senior investigator of the Security Service Directorate for Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

However, Russian media report that this is not the first time that the Ukrainian Security Service wants to prosecute high-ranking Russian officials, and recall that in 2016, for example, the Ukrainian State Prosecutor's Office announced its intention to arrest 18 high-ranking Russian officials, including Shoygu.

There have been such cases before, however, everything remained on paper and there were no real consequences.

Reaction from Moscow

Kiev lives in a parallel reality, and the deadline given by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, to report to the administration of that service in Mariupol for further processing is comical, said Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov.

"In Kiev, they live in their own virtual reality", not understanding all the hilarious farce of that summons. They are dealing with the imitation of some kind of politics in the circumstances of the complete absence of politics", he stated.


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