A terrorist attack in Nice? Three dead, a woman beheaded PHOTO / VIDEO

French police have arrested the assailant suspected of killing three people with a knife in Nice, he cut off the head of a woman, French media report.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug/Eric Gaillard/Pool via AP
Foto: Tanjug/Eric Gaillard/Pool via AP

He also injured several people near the church.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that a police operation was underway in Nice, Reuters reports.

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, stated on Twitter that he believes that this is a terrorist attack, as well as that the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar" before the attack.

"The suspected assailant was wounded by the police during the arrest. He was alive on the way to the hospital," Estrosi told reporters.

He said that the murdered woman tried to escape from the church and that she ran into the bar across the street from the building.

"Enough is enough," the mayor said, adding that it was time for France to definitely "expel Islam Fascism from its territory."

The mayor of Nice immediately went to the crime scene, and French President Emmanuel Macron also went to Nice.

The investigation into the murder with terrorist intent was taken over by the Paris prosecutor's Anti-Terrorism office.

Today's attack came shortly after a man of Chechen origin beheaded French professor Samuel Paty in Paris.

Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Alexis Gill
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Alexis Gill


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