Belgrade: Police detain migrants barricaded inside house

Police on Friday morning forced their way into a house in Sinjska St. in Belgrade where a group of migrants had previously barricaded themselves.

Source: B92, Blic
(B92/Filip Cukanovic)
(B92/Filip Cukanovic)

Police officers were searching the house and talking with the migrants in the yard, before taking 16 of them to a police station where they will be interviewed.

No incidents occurred during the intervention.

B92 learned that 16 migrants lived there for months, with the number sometimes reaching 50 people, and that they have no documents. Women and children are among the group.

According to unofficial information, the owner of the house lives in Germany, while "his son occasionally visits the house."

It is believed that a neighbor reported the case to the police, but none of the neighbors were willing to talk to the media today. They mostly said that the migrants were "peaceful, and did not bother anyone."


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